Kids Spa Party

(ages 4-13 yrs) Minimum of 6 children at the rate

$75 per child
• Hair (pre-washed please)
• Mani/Pedi/ (Polish Change)
• Mini facial (Aloe Cloth Wash)/Makeup (Eye Lip & Cheek)
Party Time:
• 3 hours
• Book in advance- Feel Free to Bring your own Decorations!
• Please call to reserve date and time. During closed hours, the fee is $50 per hour to rent the salon plus any services they are receiving.
Note: JNR Salon is not responsible for any allergic reactions to the use of makeup, lotions OR costumes during or after the party. It is the responsibility of the guest and/or guest's parent/guardian to inform us of any specific allergies.
Note: you will be responsible decorating/theme/activities and food/drinks.