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The Bag Is Back!!!

Purchase 2 products to receive your PINK Bag now through Dec 29th

Purchase the bag for $2 and recieve 20% off now through December 29th.

Purchase a $75 Gift Certificate and receive a free Haircut gift card worth $15
Purchase a $100 Gift Certificate and receive a free Haircut gift card worth $25

Black Charcoal Mask for nose $10
15 minute massage room for $5
At the Bowl Mini Facial Mask during shampooing $15

90 Day Hair Growth Journey

Get nourished with our 90 Day Hair Journey

Perfect for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss! Ask about our 90 day hair growth journey by teaming up with either Jennifer or Gloria at JNR Salon to work on rejuvenating you scalp and stimulating your hair follicles to grow longer, fuller and thicker! To achieve the best results, use our perfect hair vitamins plus. This is a safe effective herbal supplement for hair thinning and hair loss. It helps prevent dryness and brittleness, promotes health and growth for you hair, nails, skin and eyes. (Also available in the men's formula)

Hair Follicle Therapy- This improves scalp circulation, promotes follicle stimulation, reduces scalp inflammation and helps assist with new hair growth. This can be purchased at our Take Home Center.

New Services and Styles Available!

Check with your Stylist to hear more details

Eyelash Special!

For only $100, get a full set of lash's as well as brow enhancement! Book an appointment!


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