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A Lusciously Easy Back Bar Treatment

Cocktail (or layer) Get Your Life and Gold Adonis in hands.
Massage into hair and scalp at back bar.
Depending on hair texture, choose to leave in or rinse out.
Style as usual.

Post Color Products

Hydration Shampoo, Hydration Conditioner, Body Shampoo and Body Conditioner are all color safe and have an acidic PH which stops the chemical process and closes the hair cuticle. These work great to extend the life of the color by keeping the cuticle closed and color protected.
All of our styling products are color safe!
Yellow No More Shampoo gently cleanses with cool violet pigments that neutralize unwanted yellow and brassy tones from blonde, silver and lightened brunette hair.
Get Your Life, Sleek, and Sex Kitten Hairspray contain natural UVA + UVB properties that work to protect the hair from color fade.

Beachy Waves

Prime damp hair with Get Your Life to detangle, protect, and tame frizz.
Take 2" sections of damp hair and apply a very small amount of Mold Me to each section and twist the hair.
After all of your 2" sections are twisted, mist hair with Sex Kitten Hairspray and place under the dryer until the hair is dry.
Once hair is dry, finger-comb and shake out the hair, giving it a tousled beachy look.

Voluminous Natural Curl or Wave

Prime damp hair with Get Your Life to detangle, protect, and tame frizz.
Apply a quarter-size amount of So'lay Teez Foam to the root area and pull through to ends. (Caution, a little goes a long way!)
Cocktail (or layer) Sleek and Adaptable Styling Cream together and apply to hair. The combination of the two gives a medium hold with a lot of memory.
Diffuse the hair and finish with Sex Kitten Hairspray using the light hold.

The Perfect Blowout

For fine or medium hair textures
Depending on hair texture and density, cleanse and condition with Body Shampoo and Conditioner or Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner, or mix it up!
Prime damp hair with Get Your Life, focusing on mid-lengths to ends to repair and protect.
Apply Adaptable Styling Cream before drying for heat protection, to smooth hair, and to provide volume & structure. Adaptable Styling Cream contains a clay that helps absorb oils and prolong the length of the style.
Cocktail (or layer) Gold Adonis with Adaptable Styling Cream (Yes! It won't deflate the style) to add shine and protect hair from heat styling.
Finishing with a light mist of Sex Kitten Hairspray to provide humidity resistance, hold, and control.

The Perfect Blowout

For thick, dry, frizzy hair
Use Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner to provide moisture balance to hair. Body Shampoo can be used as a 1st lather for clients who shampoo less frequently. The bentonite clay in it provides a deeper clean (think of it as a clay mask for the scalp!)
Prime damp hair with Get Your Life to detangle, protect, and smooth split ends.
Apply Sleek to damp hair and comb through to distribute evenly - to create a smooth, frizz free, sleek style.
Cocktail (or layer) Gold Adonis with Sleek to cut down on drying time, protect hair from heat damage, and add shine. Gold Adonis can also be worked into dry hair for added shine & to tame fly-aways.

Products For Ultimate Volume

Body Shampoo & Body Conditioner to cleanse, condition, and nourish.
Get Your Life to detangle, prime, repair, and protect hair.
So'lay Teez Foam for lift, flexible hold (med-firm), control frizz, and to control humidity /static.
Sex Kitten Hairspray for hold, heat protection, to tame frizz, and add shine.
Sex Kitten Hairspray can also be used with irons without scorching hair (or irons!)
Glo's Shine Spray for body, texture, light hold, and high shine.

Products For Curly Styles

Depending on hair type, Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Shampoo & Conditioner, or mix it up!
Get Your Life to detangle, prime, repair, and protect hair.
Adaptable Styling Cream for flexible hold with memory and to provide support without stiffness (great for those with "fuzzy" curls).
Sleek for soft, touchable, defined curls with improved elasticity for spring and bounce.
Mold Me to twist, mold, and shape curls! (Also makes a great edge control.)